Woli Academy is here!

Woli Academy is here!

If you’ve tried to teach your kids what it means to save or invest money, you probably already know that kids need a little more help from grown-ups to understand these complex issues.

Learning how to budget, make spending choices and make saving a habit can seem daunting to an elementary school child. At Woli we place special emphasis on the part of financial education or otherwise, the financial literacy of young people, and so we created the Woli Academy!


What is Woli Academy?


Woli Academy is the new module we created within the woli app and is available in both parents’ and children’s accounts.

Through Woli Missions, which is a series of fun and interactive lessons and quizzes, children receive the basic principles of proper money management, come into contact with financial terms and understand the benefits and risks that complex financial products can hide for those who do not have the necessary knowledge. 

And not only that! The parent has the ability to set a reward for each Woli Mission that the child completes correctly. Thus, with Woli Academy the child not only improves his financial literacy but has the opportunity to increase his pocket money! 

Woli’s goal is to empower children and adolescents by providing them with financial freedom and knowledge. We envision and develop the Woli app as an experiential learning tool, which not only offers digital banking capabilities but also helps children acquire financial literacy early in life. 

All Woli Academy courses are also available in the Academy section of woli.io, so children and teens can refer to these courses whenever they need them. 

Inform your child about Woli Academy and the advantages it offers for the financial knowledge he will acquire but also for the financial independence and confidence he will develop so that as an adult, he can properly manage his income, in a more secure future.

Go to woli.io now to learn more about the benefits Woli brings to 10-18 year olds and their families. To start using Woli, download the Woli app now from the app store of your choice and create your own account and your child’s. Don’t forget, the first 30 days are FREE!