Teach your kids how to save money!
Saving money is a skill that demands training. The new feature "Woli Money Goals" provides to the kids easy and fun ways to develop smart savings habits that last a lifetime.
Teach your kids how to save money!

Future goals!

Bike? Shoes? Video games? Kids create goals for the things that they want to buy and save money each time they receive their pocket money. Kids and parents can track the progress of the goal anytime through the Woli app.


With ‘auto-save’ feature kids set the amount and the frequency of money that wants to be saved right into the goal.  

Parents “Goal Reward”!

Parents can set and pay a Goal Reward to the kids’ saving goal in order to teach them the power of compound growth. With the Woli app saving can be a simple and everyday habit for the kids.


Kids achieve their goals faster than ever with this brand new feature! Each time a kid uses their Woli card, we’ll round up the payment to the nearest Euro and transfer the extra amount to the saving goals.