What is Woli?

Woli is a family banking app and Visa debit card for children 8 to 18 years old. It enables parents to automate pocket money payments, while guiding their kids to become more responsible spenders. Through financial education quizzes and our banking features, we hope to build children’s confidence in managing their finances all the way to adulthood.

How much does Woli cost?

Woli offers the first 30 days completely free of charge for its users to try out. After the free period is over, the monthly fee is €2.99 per child. The monthly cost covers:

  • The issuing and sending of the first physical Woli card for the child, to make purchases online and in a physical store. In case of re-issuing the physical card, the shipping cost is 6.99€.
  • The free use of the Woli app, which, among other things, allows the parent to apply parental controls and limits, automate the weekly (or monthly) allowance and create homework for the child.
  • The free filling of the parental account by wire transfer (excluding bank charges).
  • The 1st free monthly top-up of the parent’s account with a card of your choice. Thereafter the charge is €1.00 + 0.10% per top-up.
  • The real-time notifications of children’s spending movements.
  • Access to the educational content of the Woli app (Woli Academy).
  • Free card transactions, for up to 20 transactions per month. If you make more transactions, you will be charged a very small per transaction fee based on Woli pricing.
  • The free Customer Support via the Woli app.


For more information visit the Woli Pricing page.

How do I sign up?

We take handling your money very seriously and need to go through an ID verification process in order to give you access to Woli financial services.

Before opening your account, we will ask you to verify your phone number, upload a photo of your passport or ID document, and cross-check that with a selfie picture. Once the Parent account is established, you can invite your children or other family admins by sending them a simple SMS code.
This process takes a few minutes, and once our internal checks are complete, we will inform you that your identity has been verified and your Woli Parent Account is opened!

Is my money safe?

As far as your money is concerned, it is 100% safe. Woli Fintech is an approved E-money Agent, regulated by European Central Banks, which monitors our service in every country we operate in. Our card issuer is Paynetics AD, an Electronic Money Institution (“EMI”) approved by the National Bank of Bulgaria and a principal member of Visa and MasterCard. The funds deposited into your Woli account are stored in special accounts at major European banks, which cannot be accessed by Woli Fintech or any other company.

How do you handle my personal information?

We love GDPR and GDPR loves us. Please refer to our privacy policy for full details.

How do I transfer money to the Parent account?

The Woli Parent Account can be loaded in two ways, which are shown when pressing the “Top up” button of the Parent app homepage:

Via a Bank transfer
You can find your unique Parent account IBAN number in the Woli app. Transfer takes 2-3 days and your bank might charge you some fees.

Via your Debit/Credit Card
You can select the amount and insert your card details to charge your card. Transfer happens instantly, and Woli will charge you a small fee which comes from the card processor. You can store your card in the Woli app for convenience in future transfers.

How can I send money to my child?

Once you have transferred money to your Parent Account, you can send money to your child instantly, in a few ways:

Regular Allowance
Set up a specific amount to be automatically transferred from the Parent account to the Child account on a weekly or monthly basis (click here).

Instant Transfers
Send a one-off amount to your Child’s account anytime. Your child is also able to request an instant transfer in a money emergency.

Allows Parent to set up individual euro amounts for specific actions their child completes. Once the task is completed, the Parent will need to approve it before the money is transferred to the Child account.

Woli Academy
Allows Parent to set up a per-defined amount to be awarded to his child every time he/she completes a financial literacy Class.

How long does it take to get my Woli card?

Your Woli card should arrive within 8-15 days. In case you haven’t received your card contact us at support@woli.io

How do I cancel my Woli account?

We’re sorry to hear you’re considering canceling. Please reach out to support@woli.io requesting that you wish to cancel, and our team will assist you in closing your account and giving you options on your remaining balance if any.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Help Center or contact our support team. 👋