Find out the advantages that Woli offers to children!
Everything you were looking for you found! Pocket money, deals on your favorite brands, more pocket money and a card to keep control in your hands!
Find out the advantages that Woli offers to children!


A computer? A bicycle? A new pair of shoes? With “Woli Savings” you are given the opportunity to save as much money as you want every time you receive pocket money from your guardian plus…a little more at the interest rate he sets! Now you have your electronic piggy bank, with the advantage that you won’t have to crack it open to see how much money is in it!

Reward from work!

Homework seems boring to you? You think so! Now, every time you complete a task set by your guardian, you are rewarded. From cleaning your room to doing your homework. Oops, did we find a way to get an A+ grade?


Think about what brand you want your next purchase to be from. Think some more! Never mind, we’ve thought of it so you don’t get tired! Now all your favorite stores are in one place, always with a discount code!

Leave the change at home!

The sound when they shuffle in the pocket is annoying! Now it’s all on a physical card with your name on it to remind you how special you are!

Woli Gift!

Still waiting for holidays and birthdays to be given a gift? And if it’s something you don’t like, you will be a pain in the ass!! Now all it needs to be done is your guardian to activate the Woli Gift Code and send it to 1, 2…50 relatives and friends and you will receive their cash gifts!


Who else rewards you for your purchases? Rhetorical question, the answer is given! With Woli’s new feature, every time you make a transaction you get money back in your account to use in the future. What more do you want from us anyway?