Find out the advantages that Woli offers to parents!
Woli is not just another debit card for children. The "Woli for parents" section describes some of the benefits that the Woli app and the Woli VISA debit card provide to you and your child!
Find out the advantages that Woli offers to parents!


At Woli we believe that educating children in finance is a family affair.

Now you can add your child’s parent or guardian to your Woli account to jointly manage your child’s financial literacy journey!


With the “Academy”, “Tasks” and “Money Goals” features of the Woli app, you have the necessary tools at your fingertips to encourage your children to develop their financial skills!

Control and Security!

In case of loss or theft of the Woli VISA debit card, you or your child can deactivate it instantly by pressing a button via the Woli app!

Real time notifications for every transaction of the child, detailed history and the possibility to set a maximum transaction limit!

Εase of use!

Through the Woli app you can:

  • Create your Woli account
  • Add your child and
  • Order the physical Woli VISA debit card

within 5 minutes!

Cash gifts from family and friends!

Now family and friends send cash gifts directly to your child’s Woli account with Woli Gift, so they can choose the gift they like!


With Woli’s new feature, a percentage is returned to your child’s account through each transaction! Woli is here to prove to you that it wants to make your child’s everyday life, and yours, better!