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Free 30-day trial, thereafter only 2.99 €/month per child card! *** no membership until October, 2022!
Start for FREE!

Our simple pricing

*Promotional period until October, 2022: No membership fees and your Plastic Woli card for FREE!

All new subscribers get a 30-day free trial, which includes free Virtual cards for your children to make online purchases. You can test the Woli features and enjoy the app experience!

After that, we charge a monthly membership of 2.99 € per child card.

Why does it cost?

Woli is both a financial and an educational tool for children. Our product includes banking tools, a unique mobile app packed with features, great customer support and educational content for financial literacy.

All the costs associated with building and operating Woli are reflected into our monthly membership, which we think is fair vs the experience and value it brings to families.

This subscription fee also allows us to build new features for Woli, which aim to boost children’s financial knowledge and confidence. All new features will be automatically introduced in your Woli app!

Our simple pricing plan

First 30-days FREE
Monthly Subscription Fee 2,99€
Order a Virtual Card FREE
Order a Plastic Card (incl. shipping) 6,99€
Add funds to Parent Account via bank transfer (not incl. any bank charges) FREE
Add funds to Parent Account via card (once per month) FREE
Add funds to Parent Account via card (more than once per month) 1% + 0,10€
Transfer money to Child FREE
Customer Support FREE
You can see more on our pricing in our Woli Terms & Conditions
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