Introducing Woli for Banks
Partner with Woli and empower the next generation of financially responsible adults
Introducing Woli for Banks

Woli for Banks

Attract and engage the next generation of customers with Woli, the leading financial education app designed for kids and teens.

Woli for Banks empowers financial institutions to offer a co-branded banking experience, fostering financial literacy within families and building a loyal customer base for the future.

Help families raise financially responsible kids

Provide your customers with the tools that have made Woli a success story.

In a safe and interactive environment, parents can automate allowance, assign tasks and track their completion or send money instantly to their child’s Woli account.

Kids and teens develop healthy money management habits by learning how to earn, save, and spend wisely through interactive features.

Expand Your Offerings, Reach Your Goals

Acquire the Next Generation: Attract new customers with Woli’s trusted financial education platform. Nurture young users’ financial literacy and smoothly transition them to your adult banking services when they’re ready.

Deliver Financial Literacy for All: Woli’s unique approach combines engaging features for kids, a comprehensive Woli Academy learning section, and a physical Woli card to create a fun and effective financial education experience for the whole family!

The Fastest Path to Banking for the Next Generation

Woli for Banks makes offering a kid-friendly banking experience seamless.

You can provide a co-branded solution with minimal technical integration, allowing kids and teens to learn key financial concepts before transitioning to adult banking products.