The importance of household chores for children!

The importance of household chores for children!

Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of “How to Raise an Adult”, gave an interesting TED talk about the priorities parents should have in raising their children. One of the important conclusions of the speech was that “Professional success in life comes from having done homework as a child.”

And we at Woli believe that tasks are important – especially on teens path to financial independence, which is why we’ve created the “Tasks” feature within the Woli Guardians app. Through this simple, fun and above all, educational function, the guardians assign to the children micro-tasks, with the optional choice of reward.


Is it right to reward my child for doing chores?


Asking children to do micro-tasks for reward is a personal decision made by each guardian, and it does not work in the same way for all families. However, we should bear in mind the advantages that come from the method of reward.

Boosts self-confidence

Completing an assignment can give children a huge sense of success. It makes them feel important and that they add real value to the functioning of the household.

Develop time management skills

Even doing small chores at home can teach children the importance of managing their time. Even if they have to read or if they want to play or do something fun, it helps them set their priorities and manage their time properly.

Develop life skills

One of the biggest benefits of household chores for children is that they learn how to take care of themselves. So when after reaching adulthood the children decide to stay away from the care of their guardians, they will know how to do basic tasks such as cleaning, cooking and taking care of their home.

Develops a sense of teamwork

Giving children tasks to do teaches them about teamwork and the importance of helping others. They can see that a great task is completed when everyone comes together, which is an important lesson for their adult lives.

Completing the trifles gives a sense of success

There is nothing like the feeling of completing a task, and children can also receive this satisfaction from the help they can offer at home. No matter how old they are, just make sure to always remember to say ‘’well done’’ when they have completed a task. When you praise them for their efforts and not just the results, children are usually more enthusiastic and are likely to achieve more.

Teaches problem-solving skills

One advantage that is often overlooked by chores for children is that simple things like setting the table or sorting socks into pairs help children find solutions. For example, what is the best way to arrange toys, arrange books on a shelf or put dishes in the dishwasher?

Teaches responsibility

When children know that they have undertaken a certain task, then they understand that they are responsible for its completion. If they do not do this task, then no one else will.

Teaches self-reliance and independence

Microprojects teach children to be self-sufficient and show them the way to become inventive, independent and self-reliant adults.


How can I reward my child for the tasks they do?


There are many ways to reward your children for the tasks you assign them. Reward is a great way to not only motivate them to do their homework but also to teach them how to manage their money, especially when you’re setting it up with a Woli prepaid card.

The Woli app helps kids cope with the routine of doing their chores. Through the guardians Woli app, you can define the tasks the children will do and the extra pocket money they will receive when they complete them.

Children can use the Woli card for transactions they make in both online and offline stores. Family and friends can also send money to children in a safe and fast way through the Woli Gift service.

Also, through the Woli app, children will also have access to the Woli Academy, the section with the interactive games and quizzes that we have designed and that help children get their first lessons about financial literacy.

Housework can help your children develop habits and skills that will help them excel in many areas of their lives as they grow up. With the Woli app, rewarding your kids to do chores becomes even easier and at the same time, it’s a great way for kids to learn to manage their money properly and develop life skills!

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