Kids, Money and Gamification!

Kids, Money and Gamification!

Learning can be fun, but occasionally it can also be boring.. especially when kids are surrounded by numerous fun ways to spend their time..

In the world of money, many concepts and learnings (what we call financial literacy) can be difficult to grasp. This is why techniques like “gamification” enable an easier, more productive and fun learning process vs the usual ways of presenting knowledge.

At Woli, we invest in education and gamification. We want our product to be enjoyable for children – not another strict banking product 💸

This is why our app is not limited to transactional/money capabilities, since this would assume that kids have the know-how to manage various situations and concepts of money management. On the contrary, our team designs the Woli Classroom experience – a set of small and fun lessons to explain basic financial concepts in a gamified way. To achieve this mission, Woli partners with specialized educational organizations that help our team structure a well-though, interactive curriculum.

Through smart quizzes, point collection and leaderboards and parental rewards, kids remain engaged in the learning process and start cultivating their personal financial literacy and good money habits!