Financial Literacy – An essential skill for kids and teens

Financial Literacy – An essential skill for kids and teens

The role of the parent is one of the most important roles in our lives. In our workplace and in our interpersonal relationships we may feel in control, but we will all agree that raising our children is probably the biggest challenge.

Among the various skills with which we equip our children, financial literacy comes into play. But what exactly is it and why is it important for children?

Financial literacy is a key life skill. It is the education of children in how to manage money but also by extension the various important resources around them. This ability of their personal financial management will accompany them decisively throughout their lives.

“Woli Academy” is the educational platform of Woli, which is supported by our scientific partners of ERGO.Academy. It contains a variety of fun activities and helpful information to help children:

  • To know and appreciate the proper utilization of natural and financial resources, giving priority to their use in a responsible way
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of resource planning and budgeting
  • To plan and target, making appropriate use of available resources
  • Demonstrate responsibility, perseverance, critical thinking and creativity
  • To learn to appreciate and respect themselves and others, building the personality and skills of a responsible citizen.

Starting to educate children on financial literacy early on, the benefits to their adult lives are immense. They can learn to make sound financial decisions, pay off debt or avoid it altogether, set savings goals, and eventually become well-trained and financially independent adults.