How social skills help in financial transactions

How social skills help in financial transactions

You may be wondering what your social skills have to do with your financial well-being. And yet, it has been shown that they are directly related. In fact, social skills seem to be the ones that determine the largest percentage (85%) of your professional and financial success! Let’s see how all this is connected. 

“Money changes hands,” as the saying goes. Every financial transaction involves the human factor and is the product of social interactions. Some transactions of an economic and social nature are the purchase or sale of a product, the provision of a service, the payment of a salary, the closing of a professional agreement, and even the chores that you will agree to do at home to get pocket money.

By improving your social skills you can also positively influence your financial transactions. For example, with good communication you can claim more easily and confidently not only greater pocket money but also a better salary. Also, with your empathy and perceptual ability you will have the opportunity to meet people who suit you the most and with whom you will be able to work successfully.

It is good to know that in recent years, more and more employers are choosing employees who have good communication and social skills. Communicative people seem to evaluate situations better, they are more likable and can influence a financial transaction to their advantage.

Finally, remember that by strengthening your social skills you manage to set clear boundaries in every relationship, and therefore in every financial transaction. You understand your needs and desires better, you are not influenced by third parties (peers, groups or fashion) and you set your own terms in the management of your finances.