Woli Participated in the Visa Innovation Program Europe Meet-up

Woli Participated in the Visa Innovation Program Europe Meet-up

On Thursday 22/02 the Visa Innovation Program Europe (VIPE) hosted the Navigating the Evolving Fintech Landscape event, a phenomenal meet-up bringing together the vibrant fintech communities of Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. The energy in the room was palpable as entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and aspiring changemakers gathered to explore the exciting future of payments and commerce.

The conversation delved into the latest industry trends, offering valuable insights into what’s currently shaping the fintech landscape. Experts shared their experiences on scaling their businesses to become billion-dollar “unicorns,” while also providing practical advice on navigating the current fundraising climate and closing successful funding rounds.

Beyond the tactical expertise, the evening fostered a profound sense of inspiration and encouragement. Speakers emphasized the importance of staying innovative and tech-driven, while constantly seeking new sources of inspiration and embracing the power of experimentation. The message was clear: “Always be learning, always be evolving.”

The evening also emphasized the vital role of collaboration in driving innovation. VIPE fosters a dynamic ecosystem where startups, established banks, and ambitious entrepreneurs come together, learn from each other, and build the future of payments together. Witnessing such fruitful collaboration reinforced the positive impact VIPE has on the entire fintech landscape.

Woli, a Visa Innovation Program Europe alumni was represented at the event by our CEO and co-founder Vasilis Zoupas. Vasilis shared his personal experiences from his journey so far with Woli, the obstacles he has had to overcome and the opportunities that have been presented to him, while he also mentioned how useful the synergies he has made with companies that also participate in the Visa Innovation Program Europe have been in his journey so far.