First trip abroad for your youngster: Cash or card?

First trip abroad for your youngster: Cash or card?

The passport (or identity card) is ready, the destination and accommodation are already set and your child’s first international experience is waiting for you. Excitement and anxiety are emotions that overwhelm every parent, it is normal to feel them too. In the fever of preparation, a crucial question arises: how will your child manage his or her money abroad?

Choosing cash may seem like the classic travel companion because, let’s face it, that’s how we’ve grown up. But for your teenage child travelling for the first time a debit card certainly offers a safer, more convenient and often more economical solution.

Below you’ll see the advantages of using a card like the Woli VISA debit card over cash abroad, with a special focus on the benefits it offers your young traveler!

Cash? Better not!

  1. Not a safe choice
  2. Additional charges
  3. How much to take with him?

1. Unsafe option
Carrying cash and even an amount large enough to cover the needs of a trip abroad causes stress and insecurity for everyone. There are not a few cases where known pickpockets have turned a dream holiday into a financial nightmare. And of course, recovering stolen cash is practically impossible!

2. Additional charges
Withdrawing cash abroad can be a source of expense in itself. Foreign ATM fees and your bank’s charges for foreign transactions can add up quickly, especially at out-of-network ATMs. And if you add to these the currency conversion fees, in case the country’s currency is not the euro, your child’s trip will incur another cost.

3. How much should they take with them?
Having enough cash with your child is definitely not a safe option. But then again, how much to take? If he ends up taking less than what he will actually need, he will find himself in the need to search for ATMs in places he doesn’t know.

Why the Woli VISA debit card is the best choice

  1. Increased security
  2. No hidden fees
  3. Your child doesn’t run out of money
  4. Your child feels independent
  5. You feel confident and secure

1. Increased security
Unlike cash, if your child’s woli card is lost or stolen, either your child or you can block it IMMEDIATELY through your woli app account. And your child can continue to make transactions abroad using the digital wallet on their smartphone!

2. No hidden charges
By using the Woli VISA debit card, your child will not incur additional bank charges for each transaction he/she makes, unless it is a transaction in a different currency, in which case there is a small fee resulting from the currency conversion that is not dependent on Woli.

3. Your child doesn’t run out of money!
Did those souvenirs your child bought in Spain end up costing more than your child estimated? Or did the ice cream in Italy cost his/her a “small fortune”? Whatever the reason, if your child needs extra money while abroad, you can send it directly to his/her Woli card through your Woli account at the click of a button. Easy, fast and always safe!

4. Your child feels independent
Through the woli account, your child knows at any time how much money they have spent and how much they have left until they completes their trip. In this way, they develop a sense of self-confidence and responsibility to avoid overspending..

5. Feel confident and secure
Even when your child is a few hundred kilometres away, you don’t have to worry about their finances. Through your Woli account you know how much money they have spent and where. And you can always block transactions in merchant categories if you deem it necessary.

The first trip abroad without mum and dad is a unique and enjoyable experience for your child. It can be made less stressful for you by removing from the equation of problems you have to solve one of the most important parameters, that of managing their money.

With the Woli card, your child will always have money with them to cover both planned and emergency needs that may arise during their time abroad. And you will have the peace of mind and security that the Woli VISA debit card offers!

Get your child a Woli card NOW by following these simple steps

1. Download the Woli app and select “I am the Parent”.
2. Enter your mobile number and set a passcode.
3. Enter the 6-digit code sent to you by SMS to confirm your mobile phone.
4. Upload a selfie and a copy of your ID or passport to the woli app. We need them to identify you. Don’t worry, your details are safe!
5. Follow the instructions to add your child to woli – and that’s it!

Your Woli account is ready and your child’s Woli Visa debit card is on its way!

And don’t forget, you have 30 days FREE to discover all the features and benefits we’ve created for you and your child!