The meaning of savings

The meaning of savings

How often do you think you’d like to buy or do something, but you don’t have the money? How often do you have to ask for money from parents and relatives to get something you want? The best way to prevent this from happening is to try, as much as you can, to manage your own money so that – always in consultation with your parents – you can buy or do whatever you want. And how will this be done? Through the well-known concept of Savings!

Saving is the part of your money that you don’t waste, but instead concentrate in some safe place for future use. Since ancient times, when people faced plenty of dangers to their own survival, they did it this way. Indicatively, in ancient Egypt people maintained warehouses with goods for use in difficult times, as well as in ancient Athens, where there were warehouses for the storage of grain and other goods. Nowadays, savings continue to be a smart and effective method. By saving your money, you are able to manage and cover independently the needs and desires of your everyday life.

Starting to save, you don’t need to worry about what your initial capital will be, i.e. the money you need to have to start. It is not necessary. A successful saving strategy is a matter of perseverance, goals and an attitude of life. It takes confidence and consistency when you enter into a process of saving money to be able to be profitable.

But when we talk about savings, are we talking exclusively about money? No! That’s right. As you understand, apart from money, it is important to save natural and material resources, energy, ideas, emotions, nice memories, important experiences, as well as anything else you think will be useful to you and will help you realize the financial and the general goals you set in your life. 

So start saving money in your Woli Account and very soon you will be amazed by what you have achieved!