Saving Methods!

Saving Methods!

Did you know that saving has its secrets? Secrets that can help you keep your money safe and accessible. Let’s see together what they are! 

The process starts by finding where to save your money. There are two familiar options: the classic piggy bank with a key or a bank account that will belong to you and your parents. You could also save your money in any other place you find interesting and convenient, such as in your desk drawer or in a box. But be careful. The fact that you will have direct access to them, can make you prone to unnecessary expenses.

It is important that the place where your money is kept safe and that only you and anyone else you trust has access. You will find such a “place” in Woli Savings, where you can save and manage your money, knowing each time the amount you have accumulated. You can even, if you want, connect your savings with specific goals, such as buying an electric skateboard or bike – until later on you start saving for your own house!

And do not forget that in order for a savings effort to be successful, it is not so much the amount you accumulate that is important, but the consistency you show. Many times it is more efficient to save multiple small amounts than to wait to collect a large enough amount first. In that way, before you realize it, you will have accumulated a respectable amount. It is also equally important to set a time goal. For example, save a small amount consistently every month, rather than a larger one without consistency. 

But don’t think that saving is only about keeping aside more money. A second equally important way to save is by reducing your expenses. You will achieve this by making fewer impulsive purchases, separating your needs from your desires, making lists of your priorities and by recycling instead of buying. This way you will have even more money to “put aside”.

How do you save and what do you aim to do with your money? Set a goal and try through Woli Savings to collect the amount you need to achieve it!