Woli is moving on to the next phase!

Woli is moving on to the next phase!

About a year ago Woli took her first baby steps. As with everything new and different, it was a period that included a lot of experimentation, mistakes, decisions that changed along the way, but most of all, an unlimited willingness to continuously improve the services we offer to users.

And we managed to improve it thanks to you who trusted us from the first moment and helped us become better.

In this context, providing Woli for free to everyone was a conscious choice through which we managed to make Woli a useful tool to you and your family.

Our goal is for Woli to improve in order to achieve our core mission: to give children and teenagers the basics of money management, to prepare them for the big challenges of adulthood.

To do so, we are moving on to the next chapter of Woli’s life and from October 13th Woli becomes subscription-based, with a €2.99 monthly fee and a 30-day free trial for each new child’s account. For those who created a child account before October 13th, they will have a free trial until November 12th

Join us in the next phase of Woli to keep having access to the innovative services we offer, help us improve even more, and enjoy the exciting new features we have in store for you and your family.