What are the advantages of Social Media in our lives?

What are the advantages of Social Media in our lives?

Since their first months on the Internet, Social Media have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Some people are skeptical about them. Others focus on their positives – and believe us, they are not a few! So what are the advantages of Social Media in our lives? Read on and find out all their benefits in our everyday life!

Really, do you know when social media first came into existence? According to Digital Trends, the first official social networking platform was SixDegrees.com, a site born in 1997 that resembled a “prehistoric” version of Facebook. This platform may not have stood the test of time, but it paved the way for what followed in the world of Social Media. LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and later Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and of course TikTok.

A group of 10 “giants”, each of which in their own way has put their own stamp on the modern, social age, which according to Hootsuite counts 4. 7 billion social Media users worldwide (until early July 2022). 10 giants that changed forever the way we communicate with others, and the way we perceive and interact with our environment.

In short, Social Media has changed our entire way of life.

“And is that a good thing now?”, one might think. History will tell, but we think so! It’s for good! And we have our reasons:


Social Media brings us closer together!


Firstly, Social Media allows us to connect with anyone, no matter how many miles away they are. Thanks to them we can talk and interact with everyone, all over the world. For example, through your favourite platforms you can talk to your friends wherever they are. You can find relatives and rekindle your contact with them, such as your cousins you haven’t seen in years or that nice uncle of yours, who will fill the comments on your photos with capital letters, once you make him a “friend”! But you can also meet new people, make new friends and best friends, and even meet the love of your life – yes, it happens!


With Social Media we communicate and we are informed directly!


Apart from bringing us in touch with those around us, Social Media has another great advantage. They allow us to communicate, but also to be informed about what concerns us, in real time. Immediately, without delays, with real-time notifications. And if today we take this for granted, it was not always the case. Some people, somewhere, once upon a time, had to wait for news time to catch up or even the next day to read the news in the paper. So you can see that the evolution is huge and it’s definitely for the better. Because through Social Media we can even become “live” information providers ourselves, which can be useful or even life-saving in some cases.

Through social platforms, you can help spread the word about news that is important to everyone. You can also actively support someone in need by asking your friends for help (e.g. for volunteer activities, blood donation, etc.). Social media can make us more active and informed citizens, but also bring us closer to those who need us.


Social Media inspire us and make us more extroverted!


Another advantage of Social Media is that they have the ability to “travel” us around the world, without us even having to get up from our couch. Now we can all have a picture of what is happening around the world, the culture that prevails in every “corner” of the planet, the habits of people from different countries and continents…and of course our favorite celebrities! Through this exhibition we can be inspired by new stimuli, adopt new good habits (e.g. how to improve our health), discover new hobbies and bring out our inner talents.

At the same time, Social Media give us a “platform” to express our interests and concerns, to exchange – without forgetting our good manners, of course! – opinions and perspectives on various current affairs. Quite simply, these platforms help even the most shy characters make their voices heard. The conclusion? Social Media has a way of giving us the inspiration we seek and making us more extroverted!


Social media can “boost” children’s creativity!


It’s common knowledge that Social Media is bursting with creativity and fresh ideas. Users from all over the world create original videos, upload amazing photos, make up inspiring memes and share their talents with everyone. Many of them even manage to earn an income from creating content on Social Media, building entire careers with a laptop and a smartphone with a good camera as their main tools. And guess what, all of them are not necessarily “old” in age. On the contrary, they can be at a very young age!

Somewhere here we have to emphasize that your child certainly doesn’t need to become a professional influencer to benefit from the advantages of Social Media. Just being in them can inspire him to bring out all the creativity in him, so that he can share his own talents with his friends. To make and “flaunt” online his own homemade videos, his own fantastic photos, his own successful jokes and all those beautiful rhymes he made up at school – at break time of course!

It is a fact that many people are wary of Social Media, especially when it comes to their children’s presence on it. However, what cannot be denied are their significant advantages, as they are now a basic part of our everyday life. 

As you saw above, Social Media has the potential to change all of our lives for the better and help kids bring out the best version of themselves. It’s worth giving them a “like” for that, don’t you think?

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