Recognizing my expenses

Recognizing my expenses

In the previous introductory activity you understood that expenses are the money you give to pay for a good, a service or even to support another person. You also approached some of their key categories. Now it’s time to dig deeper and gradually adopt the right habits for the proper management of your expenses. 

The first step you need to take is to develop the skill of observation. Observation is a very important tool for your development, especially as you approach adulthood. You therefore need to become a careful observer of both yourself and your personal development, as well as your actions, choices and financial data.

Then, identify where you spend your money every week or every month and try to group your expenses into categories you will create, such as entertainment, food, friends, school, etc. In this way you take the first but perhaps most important step towards the proper management of your expenses. 

Do not forget that in the smart application of your Woli card, there is the possibility to monitor in real time where you spend your money and thus be substantially assisted in the proper management of your expenses. 

Good luck in this first step -we are sure that you will do great!