Learning to manage my expenses

Learning to manage my expenses

In the previous activity of the “saving & spending” section we talked about how important it is to recognize your expenses so that you can control where and how much money you spend each week or month. Now, we will get to know other good practices, which by adopting them, will help you better manage your expenses, thus improving your financial well-being. 

A first good practice for successfully managing your expenses is to plan early on how much money to spend every week or month. This habit will help you be in control of your money and not spend more than you have calculated.

Also, a very useful practice for better managing your expenses is to make creative lists. By making well-thought-out lists of what you need to buy every time before you go shopping, you save yourself from getting carried away and spending much more money than you intended. Surely, you remember many moments when you got carried away and bought many more things than you originally intended to get. 

Another beneficial habit is, either in your online or in-person purchases, to make a price comparison. This way you can identify the most advantageous prices and spend less money on your purchases.

Finally, a good practice related to the proper management of your expenses is the state of rest! When you are at rest and not in anxiety or emotional tension, then you make better choices about where you spend your money. 

Start making the above practices and habits your own and very quickly you will see a positive change in how you manage your personal expenses!