I am responsible for…

I am responsible for…

Looking back in time, the period of childhood when everyone was trying to satisfy your needs seems to have passed a long time ago, while many obligations seem to spring up every day. One part inside you may want to avoid them while another wants to fulfill them so that there are no consequences. But what are obligations? 

An obligation is what we have undertaken to carry out within a certain framework. For example, the obligation may be to take the dog for a walk, if it has been clearly defined within the family as something you have undertaken, or to do your homework and be consistent in school because that is what society has defined as a requirement. Your obligation is also to respect and safeguard your rights and the rights of others on a universal level. Therefore, in order to actually exist, the obligations must be clearly defined and agreed upon.

But obligations come together with consequences. Every obligation is followed by consequences. Some consequences need to be defined (e.g. if you do not study, you will not go out for a walk), others are direct results of not taking responsibility (e.g. if you do not study, your teachers will consider that you are an indifferent student). 

It is therefore important to recognize that every time you do not carry out an obligation, this has a certain effect, either on you or on others. On the contrary, every time you take on an obligation and go for it, a very important process starts working inside you. You feel more self-sufficient and independent, you believe in your strengths, you discover more and more possibilities that you did not know you had, others trust you more and give you more freedoms.

So by taking on your obligations, you are taking a big step towards independence and successful adulthood.