How is your Woli account loaded

How is your Woli account loaded

In order to spend, you need to have money. But how do you get money? How does your Woli account fill up and what can you do about it?

Through Woli you are given four alternatives to increase your budget. Two of them have to do with a direct agreement with your parents and concern the immediate provision of money. These are:

  1. Regular pocket money: Together with your parents you agree to a certain amount which will be automatically transferred from the parent’s account to your account. Think about how easy or difficult it is for you to manage your finances and choose to make the deposit weekly (if you tend to waste) or monthly.
  2. The immediate transfer: Are you in an emergency situation, has an expense arisen that needs to be covered immediately? You can ask your parents to transfer an amount to you in your account instantly. This is a one-time event and is not a specific transfer which can be repeated again after consultation with the parents in a subsequent extraordinary case.

But there are also those categories where you can “earn” your money and increase the amount you have in your Woli. These are:

  1. The Tasks: The parent, in agreement with you, has set up some tasks to which they have assigned certain reward amounts. So, every time you complete a task, your parent gives approval and the corresponding amount is credited (deposited) to your Woli account
  2. Quizzes in Woli Academy: You learn, you play, you win! Each time you complete a mission, an amount you have agreed with the parent is credited to your account. Complete the quizzes and increase your resources as you learn how to manage them in the best possible way to achieve your goals!