Financial education – a different look

Financial education – a different look

The short article you will read invites you to discover Woli Academy’s different perspective on financial education and the concept of economics.

If you think about it, the word “economy” hides within it the concepts of “house” (greek “οίκος”) and “law”(greek “νόμος”), which etymologically means the “laws of the house”. According to our approach, it symbolizes the rules we make to manage our “house”, our home, ourselves and the environment in which we live every day. From this perspective, economics is not only the management of money, but it is also a process of human development and empowerment of oneself.

So, based on this enriched look, Woli Classroom’s financial education couldn’t contain long and tedious lessons in boring financial terms. On the contrary, through short and enjoyable activities, the main goal is to acquire both financial and individual knowledge and skills that will help you manage your money and your life better.

In this exciting journey, through your financial education you will explore concepts such as your income and expenses, how to become a smart consumer, the savings and investment you will choose, the business activity you will design and organize with your friends, etc. You will be able to communicate and collaborate successfully, as well as create healthy relationships. You will also learn to effectively turn your inexhaustible ideas into realistic goals and reach their fulfillment. Moreover, in addition to the material resources you know, you will be able to use and manage human resources properly. Finally, you will comprehend your rights again and learn how to defend yourself and others.

You realize, then, that this training is not an ordinary educational experience. If you want to better manage your money, your relationships, yourself, if you have ideas that you dream of implementing, if you want to slowly take life into your own hands, then we invite you to participate with all your energy and good mood in the innovative financial education that we have created for you at Woli Classroom. We are committed that every moment you share with us will be a valuable experience. Prepare! The journey has just began..