Discovering your Woli card

Discovering your Woli card

Having talked about bank cards and plastic money, we now have to talk about your smart Woli card. The purpose of this small article is to help you discover the fantastic potential of your Woli card. Let’s check out its benefits together! 

Your Woli is the first prepaid card for young people aged 10-18, co-managed by their parents. As you already know, each child has their own personal Woli app and a colorful Woli card. It is important to know that the use of the card provides a completely safe payment experience, both in physical places and online, since it is not accepted by non-child-friendly merchants, such as betting companies. In addition, for each transaction that takes place, we make sure to inform you and the parents with notifications, so that in case a transaction is not accepted we can indicate the exact reason.

Among other things, your smart Woli card and app are also a financial management learning tool with rich educational material. Through a series of interactive courses, at Woli you understand in practice how to manage your finances in a fun and fast way, acquiring basic knowledge and skills of proper financial management. By spending and saving in the right way, you are increasingly taking control of your money, while at the same time parents have the ability to automate your pocket money and set spending limits.

With the Woli card you will feel independent but at the same time responsible for your expenses. Also, it is very important to remember that if your money ever runs out, you have the ability to make a request to your parents to immediately send you the amount you need. Finally, in your Woli app you will find unique offers in teenager brands, such as e-coupons for the most popular online games and more.

Take advantage of the countless features of your Woli card and get ready – more new smart features are coming soon!