Brainstorming – Teaching my child useful skills

Brainstorming – Teaching my child useful skills

At Woli Academy we dream of children and teenagers who, full of confidence, conquer their self-reliance and self-efficacy every day. In order to achieve this, however, it is valuable to learn life skills, such as those provided in the various thematic units of Woli Academy. 

One of the very useful life skills that will help the child or adolescent both in his finances and in his daily life is the technique of “brainstorming”. Through a specific process that we will mention later in the article, the child will be helped to develop his imagination and creativity, to draw new ideas and goals, as well as to solve problems, financial or not, within specific time limits. By following the steps below you will be able to help your child learn to use the “brainstorm” to his advantage.

First, make sure that the child sits comfortably in a part of the room that he feels relaxed and has in front of him a white paper and some markers. It is very important for the operation of this technique to create a calm and creative environment. Then, in the center of the white paper in front of him, ask him to write in a circle a financial or non-financial issue that concerns him. For example, “What am I doing on my birthday?” or “Where are we going out with my friends on Saturday?” or even “What should i do with the money I have saved in my Woli account?”

Then, set him a 5-10 minutes timeframe and encourage him to try to write on his paper in one color as many ideas come to mind. Attention! Remind him at this stage that there are no good and bad ideas. In order for the “brainstorming” to succeed properly, the child must record any idea and thought that comes to mind. After completing this stage and reading once all the ideas he wrote, advise him to try to group them – categorize according to their content by highlighting with a marker of the same color the ideas that look like. Then, give him some time to “choose” the 3 ideas he likes the most and circle them with his favorite color. Finally, help him examine whether the ideas he came up with are realistic and applicable in practice so that he finally “finds” the most appropriate idea for his needs!

Support the child in learning life skills offered at Woli Academy and very soon you will notice a noticeable improvement in his self-confidence and self-reliance!