Become a smart consumer

Become a smart consumer

Seeing the title “Become a smart consumer” you will probably wonder what this section is about and what activities it contains. This is precisely the purpose of the article. To help you get to know the philosophy of smart consumption. Let’s get started! 

Every day, product ads appear on your mobile or tablet, on the TV or videos you watch, as well as on social media when you communicate with your friends. These ads, combined with the influence that our friends often cause us or the standards we follow and admire, often push us to consume and spend money on purchases that are not always ideal. It is not uncommon for such a situation to cause anxiety and frustration.

Woli Academy is here to help you consume more consciously, evolving your way of thinking and consumption habits. More specifically, through the “Consuming smart” section, which is just beginning, you will have the opportunity to better understand the world of advertising and its secrets. Also, as activities progress, you will learn to make smarter purchases, based on your personal desires, without being negatively affected and carried away by the fashion trend and the opinion of others.

In this section you will understand, in a pleasant and entertaining way, useful concepts such as the law of supply and demand, discounts, consumer protection and economic prosperity. But the most important thing of all is that here you will get the necessary knowledge to acquire smart consumer behavior and the appropriate skills that will boost your confidence in your next purchases. 

Enjoy this new adventure. We are sure that you are hiding a “smart consumer” inside you!