Above all, safety!

Above all, safety!

Imagine for a moment, that you are in a place where there are no threats, nothingthat could hurt you in any way. How do you feel when you are there?

And now imagine another place where you constantly have the feeling that you have to be careful. Where you should always be kept guarded from dangers, where something bad can happen. How do you feel now?

The difference between these two situations determines what the term security means. People who feel insecure are in constant stress. Their body is constantly alert, ready to face some potential danger. They do not relax easily. Sleep can become more difficult. Their heart beats faster, they have a lot of anxiety and they find it difficult to think about anything positive, to organize something or to dream.

On the other hand, being and feeling safe is a fundamental factor for your well-being and good quality of life. When someone feels safe then his mind is free from anxieties. He has clarity. He is more present in everything that happens and can respond in difficult situations with greater ease.

But how can you feel safe? A first way to feel that you aren’t in danger is to equip yourself with the necessary “tools” per occasion. You can’t find your way into a dark forest without your compass and your flashlight! At least not without stress and anxiety. 

But let’s take an example: You want to make a purchase online. You have found what you want but you have heard that there are some risks. Being aware of the risks that may exist and knowing the ways in which you can manage them reduces the stress of the transaction, increases the feeling of security and makes your purchase a very positive experience.

It’s also important to have people you trust next to you. They listen to your anxieties and help you organize your thinking and choose the best possible way to act. Often, you will meet people who are willing to share tips with you on what to look out for in order to be safe. The secret is to distinguish and choose the right ones so that you can trust them.

At Woli, we will be your trusted guides through the “Financial forest”. We will equip you with knowledge and skills and we will try to illuminate every dark secret so that you can find your own safe path in managing your money!