Our powerful app

Woli is so much more than a child smart card. We have a mobile app packed with amazing family features!
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How it works

Simple! Every child gets their own smart prepaid Mastercard securely linked to the account of their Parent.

Parental controls, allowance, tasks are fully managed in real-time by the Woli app. And the card is prepaid, so that children can never spend more than their balance!

01. The Parent Account

It takes just a few minutes to open your account and it is very easy to load it, using any debit card. You can connect up to 5 children and fund their cards from here!

Setup auto allowance or make instant transfers

Load money instantly into your account

Set child card spending controls

Lock/unlock your child card

Add up to 5 members into the family

02. The Child Account

Your first money account, allowing you to track and manage your financial life. This account is connected to your personal Woli card.

Track your spending in real-time

Earn extra money for tasks you complete

Emergency? Ask for an instant transfer!

Lock your card if you lose it

Get insights on your spending!

03. Family Life Tools

Our goal is to make Woli the center of family life planning. That is why we are incorporating many non-financial tools into the app.

Real-time notifications for all child activity

Woli notification newsfeed

Tools to run family on auto-pilot (coming soon)

Safe, Secure and always there for You!

WOLI is designing the future of Family Banking, and we are making sure that this experience is safe and secure for all family members.

We keep you and your family safe with high level of encryption and use of biometrics, One Time Passwords & security Passcodes.

We keep your money super safe! They are physically held with our partnering Electronic Money Provider in Safeguarded accounts of European Banks - as required by EU regulations.

We are committed to privacy. We will never share any of your data without your consent.

We are here to help. You can always check our HELP section for assistance. If this does not work, you can contact us via the Woli app or send us an email at support@woli.io.

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