Woli sponsors AO Basketball Pefkis

Woli sponsors AO Basketball Pefkis

Sponsoring the basketball team of AO Pefkis was one of the activities we enjoyed more than any other. And this is because, together with our participation in the Girls Go Circular action organized by Junior Achievement, it covers our main goal:

To give children the basics of money management so that they are better prepared for the challenges of adulthood but also to contribute as much as we can to them getting a solid education.

In this context, we give special importance to the sports activities of children and teenagers, because we believe in the inseparable relationship between Sports and Education. Thus, we are particularly happy about our collaboration with AO Basketball Pefkis and our sponsorship of the children’s and youth basketball section.

In addition to overseeing the teams’ jurseys, Woli offers the children participating in the above divisions the opportunity to use the Woli card for free for 12 months (until 31/10/2023) and wishes them to enjoy their participation in the sports activities of AO Basketball Pefkis!

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