Society and me

Society and me

In the previous “Knowing myself” section, you made a first observation of yourself and got to know certain elements that you possess as a person. But like most people, you don’t live in isolation. On the contrary, every day you are in contact with your family, friends, teachers,professors and many others. In order to be able to interact better with them and for this communication to be a positive experience, it is not enough simply to know yourself. You need to have – and constantly develop – your social skills.

But what are social skills? A person is said to have social skills when he knows how to behave in various social situations. Also, when he comprehends the law but also the informal rules. Social skills relate to verbal and non-verbal communication, i.e. includes your words but also your body language, gestures and facial expressions. They are the ones that help you build strong friendships, have a healthy relationship with your parents, and communicate effectively with your teachers and with anyone else in your life.

Some of the most important social skills are active listening (being able to meaningfully listen to others), respect and empathy (perceiving each other’s feelings and needs), smooth cooperation, flexibility and adaptability to change. It is equally important to be able to make friendships and maintain them, to find solutions to difficult situations, to set boundaries for others and keep your own. Finally, to be able to judge and evaluate, to say “no” where it is necessary and ask for help when you need it.

Having social skills doesn’t mean of course that you will not have difficulties in communicating with others. But you will have the knowledge and flexibility to implement appropriate strategies that will help you solve conflicts and overcome difficulties without the feeling of anxiety and remorse. They will help you make more stable relationships and feel safe. And people who feel safe and stable can more easily dream of their future and conquer it.


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