Reading a receipt

Reading a receipt

Every time you make a purchase, in person or online, you usually get a receipt back. But have you ever wondered what this proof you hold in your hands really is and what all these elements that it contains are? As a cool consumer that you are, it’s time to learn how to “read” a simple receipt correctly! 

The receipt is nothing more than a document (printed or electronic) that proves the purchase of a product or service you made. Every time after a purchase, the receipt is automatically stored in the cash register of the store, while at the same time a copy of it is given to you. Thus, you and the store have the same documentary evidence that certifies the specific purchase.

But what information does this receipt contain? By holding the receipt in your hands and reading it you can easily notice that at the top there is the name of the business as well as some basic details about it, such as the address where it is located. Just below is the date and time when your purchase was made. Then you can see a list of products you bought and next to them the prices that they cost. The price of the products is most often followed by a percentage (e.g. 24%) which is the Value Added Tax (VAT). Finally, with intense and usually larger characters, the total amount you paid (together with VAT) is written, while below are some numbers that are mainly related to the tax office and the store where you made your purchase.

In your next purchase, either in person or online, try to read your receipt in detail and you will see how comprehensible  all these elements will be for you now!

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