My expense categories

My expense categories

In the previous activity of “Saving & Spending” section you practiced to better manage your personal expenses. As we have mentioned, a very good practice to successfully manage your expenses is initially to be able to recognize what they are in order to control them better. To make this easier, it is helpful to break downyour expenses into basic categories. But what are these categories of expenses? 

Woli has the answer. As you have already noticed, every time you make a purchase with your smart Woli card, automatically the amount of your purchase is recorded in one of the expense categories that exist in the Woli app. These categories are the main categories of expenses that all adults have in their daily lives. 

At a quick glance, let’s remember these categories. It is the Bars & Restaurants category that refers to the money you spend in a café or restaurant. The Food & Groceries category, which is related to the expenses you make buying goods from places that sell food. The Health care & Drug stores category contains your health expenses, such as medicines, vitamins, etc. A category that you probably know well and does not need special explanation is Shopping, which includes all the expenses that have to do with your general shopping. Another popular category in the Woli app is Games & Entertainment which refers to your expenses related to your entertainment and online games. Finally, there is the Transport and Cars category of expenses, which includes the money you spend on all your trips. 

So, start recognizing these categories and you will start managing your expenses every month much better

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