Savings Book – Helping My Child Make Organized Savings

Savings Book – Helping My Child Make Organized Savings

In the section “Saving & spending”, among other useful financial skills children learn about the value of saving. At the same time, they can practice in real life, delving deeper into its methods and secrets. 

Although Woli’s intelligent app offers excellent savings possibilities to children, another great way to enhance their financial skills and make their savings effort more organized and efficient is to help them create their own Savings Book. There, children will record each time the money they accumulate for savings. By following the steps below you can help your child build his personal Savings Book,in an easy and practical way.

Starting off, it is important to explain to him that the Savings Book is a useful tool that will help your children in their self-reliance and strengthen their financial abilities. To create a Savings Book, you need virtually nothing more than getting an empty small notebook or an old agenda or even a few threaded sheets of paper. First, explain to the child that he must draw with a ruler three (3) straight vertical lines with a ruler to create three (3) columns / categories and then a horizontal row high, where the titles of each column / category will be written. Then, in the title of the first column write the word “Date“, under which the child will each time record the date he saves money in the place where he usually collects it. In the second column above write the word “Deposit“, where the amount of money he is currently putting in will be noted. In the title of the third column write the word “Total“, where the total amount saved will be indicated, so that the child knows the amount he has collected so far. 

The Savings Book is almost ready! To complete it, a nice idea is to suggest to the child to write in some part of his Book his Savings Goals as well as the amount you need to achieve them. Finally, you can encourage him to make drawings, to put stickers and anything else that expresses it so that his saving effort becomes an even more pleasant and personal process. On the other hand, if you prefer a fully digital solution, remember that your children can easily set their Saving Goals directly into the Woli app!

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