Brainstorming is a technique that can be particularly useful to you as a financial skill but also as a general skill in your daily life. Through a specific process that you will learn in a moment, this technique helps you develop a fruitful imagination, quickly generate new ideas and solve problems, financial or not, within specific time limits. 

But how do you apply this technique? If you follow the steps below, you will understand that brainstorming is a fairly simple technique. Starting off, sit comfortably in a part of your room that relaxes you and get a white paper and some markers in front of you. You can if you want to have music that you like and inspires you. What matters in this first step is to create a calm and creative environment for yourself. Then, in the center of the white paper you have, in a circle write down an issue that concerns you (financial or non-financial). For example, “What are we doing on my birthday?” or “Where are we going out with my friends on Saturday?” or even “What will I do with the money I have  saved in my Woli account?” 

Then, give 5-10 minutes of time and try to write on your paper in a specific color as many ideas come to mind. Attention! There are no good and bad ideas. In order for the brainstorm to succeed properly, you have to record any idea and thought that comes to your mind. After completing this stage and reading once all the ideas you wrote, try to group them together – categorize according to their content by highlighting with a marker of the same color. Then, “choose” the 3 ideas you like the most and circle them with your favorite color. Finally, consider whether they are realistic and applicable and “find” the right idea for your needs! 

So start applying the useful technique of brainstorming in your financial life as well as in your daily life and you will soon notice that you are becoming more and more creative, with new ideas and plans, while at the same time you will be solving your problems more effectively.

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